About Gail M. Gagnon, D.O.

Dr. Gagnon graduated from Michigan State University with a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine (DO). She completed her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, receiving a B.S. in Nutritional Science. She is board certified in Family Practice, a diplomat in The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a graduate of the International Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine (A4M), a certified practitioner with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), certified in Peptide Therapy (A4M), has received advanced clinical training in Reversing Cognitive Decline, and is certified in  Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Worldlink Medical). 

Prior to establishing her functional medicine practice, Dr. Gagnon worked in an emergency room twelve years, family practice two years, and aesthetic medicine/cosmetic procedures five years.

She has devoted herself to anti-aging and functional medicine since 2005, specializing in the use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrition, HCG weight loss/detoxification, and compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Prior to becoming a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Gagnon suffered from multiple perimenopausal symptoms for ten years. As a physician, she personally tried every pharmaceutical in the pantry. Not one helped her hot flashes, weight gain or chronic fatigue. Looking for answers, she researched for possible solutions outside the world of conventional medicine. What she found was functional medicine and compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (CBHRT). Within forty days of starting this therapy, many of the symptoms she had suffered for ten years were gone. This therapy significantly improved the quality of her life and changed the focus of her career in medicine.

For the past fifteen years, Dr. Gagnon has helped thousands of women in midlife, through integrative and complementary approaches. From monthly cycling to menopause, she has helped women return to the healthy, symptom-free selves they are meant to be.