Lab Test Instructions

As a functional medicine practitioner, I oftentimes see patients that feel “not quite right” – where there is no one dominant symptom that can point me in the right direction. Examples can range from chronic bloating, unexplained headaches or migraines, chronic fatigue, insomnia, to any number of vague symptoms.

Beyond exploring possible lifestyle factors to identify the root cause of chronic hormone imbalance or wellness challenges, I frequently use advanced functional medicine lab testing that provides valuable information about health at the cellular level.

These test results help guide my treatment recommendations in major ways – allowing me to create an approach unique to your situation, genetics, and biochemistry.

ZRT Laboratories

“Advancing wellness through excellence in research, education, and minimally invasive testing. ZRT Laboratory is a CLIA-certified commercial and research laboratory founded in 1998 by breast cancer researcher David Zava, Ph.D.” ZRT Laboratory has pioneered innovative testing methods for hormones, offering patients convenient testing options in different body fluids including saliva. This non-invasive saliva collection allows patients to  collect their samples in the privacy of their home.

Rhein Laboratories

“Estrogens, testosterone, cortisol, and other sex and adrenal hormones work together as a complex system. Examining your hormonal balance is just as important as measuring hormone levels. Measuring only one or two hormones reveals nothing about the true balance and interaction of hormones in your body. Only Rhein Labs exclusive 24-hour USHP examines your hormones as the free, biologically active entities they are.” Rhein Labs is CLIA 88 compliant. This non-invasive urine collection allows patients to collect their samples in the privacy of their home.


The FDA-approved GI-MAP test by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory was designed to detect intestinal microbes that may be disturbing normal microbial balance or contributing to illness. This test is also an important indicator of digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function.

Organic Acid Test

Organic acids are metabolic intermediates produced in pathways of central energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter breakdown, and intestinal microbial activity. Accumulation of specific organic acids in urine often signals a metabolic inhibition or block. This abnormality may be due to a nutrient deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficit, toxic build-up, or drug effect. An organic acids urine test helps reveal activity and changes at the metabolic level, helping practitioners discover hidden issues and pinpoint where therapeutic focus is needed.


The DUTCH test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) is a very informative test for anyone considering bioidentical hormone therapy, or suspects they might have a hormone problem. The test is done four times in a day, and the strips are then used to provide a complete hormone panel, including metabolites, effectively replacing multiple testing methods.