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How to support a graceful menopause the natural way

  • A smooth transition into this new phase of your life, without the painful and disruptive symptoms that can be caused by lifestyle habits
  • Why using birth control pills, antidepressants, anti-seizure medicine and other methods may be creating a difficult journey into menopause
  • The secret to breezing through “the change”  has more to do with your gut health and how you balance your hormones than your age, genetics or using medications that may or may not help

In This Guide, You’ll Discover…

Telltale Signs & Symptoms That You Need to Rebalance ASAP…

Menopause signature signs and symptoms don’t have to control your life! They can be managed naturally and logically, if you know how. Find out why menopause is so difficult for you and where your imbalances may be.

How To Avoid  Post-Menopausal Risks

After menopause, you’re statistically more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, heart disease, and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Get educated so you can prevent them naturally and upgrade your lifestyle habits in the process.

Make A Graceful Transition Into The Next Stage Of Your Life

Menopause doesn’t have to “happen to you”. You have the power to create how you experience it. Learn about the best testing to find out where your “weak spots” are and how to rebalance with nutrition and other lifestyle habits that can mean all the difference.

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