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Ignoring Your Symptoms Could Make Them Worse

  • Facts about perimenopause, so you know exactly what is happening to your body
  • Why your symptoms may have been ignored or dismissed until now and how to prevent them from happening again
  • The secret to using natural solutions to lessen even the most annoying perimenopause symptoms, including dry skin, palpitations, weight gain and emotional distress

In This Report, You’ll Discover…

Why You Have Not Been Feeling Yourself

Most conventional OBGYNs don’t talk about perimenopause, the important transitional phase towards infertility. If your body isn’t balanced, annoying perimenopausal symptoms can last from 4 to 10 years. It can trigger anxiety, depression and a host of mood-altering symptoms if your hormones and diet are not properly balanced. If you feel sad, irritable or fatigued don’t assume it’s because you are getting older. Perimenopause itself may be triggering these symptoms.

Natural Medicine Has A Long Track Record Of Succesfully Treating Perimenopause

Until fairly recently, conventional medical practitioners had no way to assess perimenopause, and no protocol to treat the overwhelming symptoms. However, integrative medicine has long understood and used tried and tested natural strategies to manage it, and now we have speciality testing as well. After testing, we use natural strategies to address your hormonal imbalances and ease symptoms.

Simple Changes To Feel More Like Yourself

Not everyone experiences perimenopause the same way or at the same time in their life. But now more than ever, woman are experiencing debilitating symptoms. We uncover the factors that can be causing a wide range of perimenopausal symptoms, and why these symptoms are more prevalent than ever before. Learn how to make simple lifestyle changes to rebalance your hormones and give you relief.

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