Dr. Gagnon is amazing! She has been my hormone specialist for 11 years. She not only analyzes and explains scientific test results, but asks the right questions about lifestyle choices and recommends simple natural solutions. My hormones are balanced and I’ve lost 30 lbs. It’s such a joy to see her every year!

– Laura W.

Dr. Gagnon is absolutely amazing! She is so warm, caring and does a fantastic job. Very pleased with her ability to diagnose my hormone deficiencies and fix them. She gives you her undivided attention for the whole visit. I would definitely give her more stars if I could.

– Jane F.

Where do you begin when someone has changed your quality life of living. I have been seeing her for 5 years. I was a walking migraine for about 2 years at age 42 and 43 and I’m now 48 years old. It was the change of life. I went to see her and got all my hormones balanced and I’m down to my normal 1 migraine a month. I never felt better. She is a fantastic person and she is very detailed in all her notes and really listens to your concerns. She can never retire, ha ha. Love you Dr. Gagnon and I thank you!

– Cindy G.

Dr. Gagnon is a wonderful, caring, passionate physician. She explains everything in detail and made my menopausal experience almost symptom free. She not only was concerned about physical well being but also was concerned about mental and spiritual well being as well. I’ve referred many of my family and friends to her and they have been very pleased as well. She’s right on point with her diagnosis and treatment plan options.

– Gayle D.

I am a patient of Dr. Gagnon’s. My experience was nothing short of excellent. Her professionalism, concern and genuine care of my well being made me feel very comfortable. She’s exceptionally thorough in her explanation of my symptoms, any questions or concerns that I had as well as what to expect moving forward. I was very pleased and will continue being a patient.

– Deborah L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gagnon’s for many years and have not felt better! Amazed that my menopausal symptoms were immediately gone after being diagnosed properly. She is very thorough in testing and prescribing exactly what is needed to bring mind and body into balance.

– Arlene C.

Dr. Gagnon has been- my doctor for over 6 years treating me for pre-menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms, along with a thyroid condition. I have to say that her treatment has transformed my life. I have so much energy and vitality. I don’t feel my age at all. She is so knowledgeable and so thorough when reviewing your lab results. When having a consultation, I feel as though I’m talking to a friend than a doctor. She’s just that warm and friendly and puts you at ease. I feel she really understands what we are going through as women dealing with these issues. I highly recommend her to anyone that has hormonal problems of any kind to make an appointment with Dr. Gagnon. You will not be disappointed.

– Norma C.

“Excellent!! BHRT expert … The challenge with the area of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the refusal of conventional medicine to see its benefits for women in menopause or in general, women with hormonal imbalances. You need to know this …..Dr. Gagnon came into my life when I was exhausted most of the time, was carrying an extra 50+ pounds of weight, and wasn’t sure where to turn. She systematically addressed my symptoms, some of which I didn’t even know I was having. After 6 months, I felt like a new woman !! My energy level accelerated, my sleep patterns greatly improved, I began to lose weight (and a course of HCG got me closer to my goal faster and taught me how to work around my dietary vices), have increased sex drive, and a much more positive mental outlook. Yes, you will pay out of pocket for her care but invest in yourself … you are worth it.”

– Kelley D.

Dr. Gagnon Is an excellent practitioner and plays an integral role with my overall health care team. Dr. Gagnon’s guidance and care has allowed me to build strength, feel great and achieve a healthy body weight.

– Beverley R.

I believe I am alive today because of Dr. Gagnon. When I went to see her 7+ years ago I was 100+ Lbs overweight, could barely get out of bed, depressed, at high risk for stroke and heart attack, and much more.

She was very patient as she lead me through the process of wellness. Each visit and teleconference was professionally conducted. Dr Gagnon actually listened to how I was feeling! That was a new concept for me with a doctor.

Once the comprehensive labs and tests were completed she started me on a plan for wellness. I was in my mid 50’s at the time and thought there was no hope.

After each appointment I received clear notes and review of my visit including instructions on how to proceed with prescriptions, coping skills, weight loss, diabetes management, and overall wellness.

Unlike other doctors, Dr Gagnon listened to my symptoms and along with the lab results and had REAL solutions for my problems.

I am 63 now, I reached my goal weight 5 years ago with her help. My health is better than it has been since in my 20’s. I am in excellent health and lead a very active, happy life! Thank you Dr Gagnon for your patience and professional, practical approach to wellness.

– Holly P.

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